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How it Works


A Lease Option is a contractual agreement between a buyer/tenant and a owner/landlord whereby the tenant rents a home and has the option to purchase the home at an agreed upon price (or at an appraised value) within a specified time frame -- usually 1 to 2 years.  This contract allows only the buyer/tenant to purchase the home.


There are three financial parts to a Lease Option.


1.) Option Payment - This is the amount required to first move into the home.  This is fully applied toward the purchase of the home when you actually buy (aka "Exercise the Option").


2.) Monthly Rental - The full amount you pay every month toward rent (includes rental credit).


3.) Rental Credit - The amount from each monthly payment that is also applied toward the purchase of the home.


The process is simple to set up.  The only requirement to the Buyer/Tenant is the ability to make the initial Option Payment and pay the first month's rent (pro-rated, if not moving in on the first day).


There are many advantages to both the Buyer/Tenant and also to the Owner/Landlord.


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Lease to Own Homes

No Credit Required

Low Option Payments - Usually under 3%

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Seller financing is often possible.


Every month you are building up your eventual down payment.

Low Option Payments - Usually under 3%

All of option payment is applied toward purchase.

Buyer Requirements


There are not many qualifications for this type of program.  The main requirements are as follows:


 *  Able to pay Option Payment

 *  Able to pay First month's rental (pro-rated, if not moving in on the first) payment.

 * Have the intent to actually buy the home within option period.


If you have never owned a home before then you must realize the payments are HIGHER than a regular rental payment.  Do not ask us to lower the price to a rental payment as this is not how you will ever qualify to buy the home in the future.

Seller Financing


Seller Financing is the easiest way to get into home ownership without large down payments required by banks nor having to go through the strenuous credit qualifying process which is required.


In this program you will enter into a contractual agreement with the Owner/Seller in which they will be your bank.  Your monthly payments will go to them for your mortgage payment.  If the Owner/Seller has a mortgage already then your payments will also make those payments (anything remaining will go to the Owner/Seller).  All transactions and payments will be sent through a local Loan Servicing Company (a.k.a., Escrow or Title Company) to ensure payments are being made.


You will also be given a Note by the Owner/Seller.  This note will discuss your exact terms of the mortgage payment including interest rate, type of loan (interest only or principal & interest), time of loan, etc.  This Note will be created by a Title Company to ensure its legitimacy.  


Your name will go onto the title of the home through  a contract known as a Contract For Deed (a.k.a., AITD, Wraparound Mortgage, Land Contract, etc.)


Contact us for more information on how this process works.

View all of our inventory (by city).

View all of our inventory (by city).