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Open an Office in Your Area

We work hard in maintain a strong web presence.  Let our experience help you when opening an office in your area.

Opening an office is quite simple.  An agreement is set up between our company and you or your representatives in your town of interest.  We will train you in how the business works and also we will maintain a web site designed specifically for your city.


We will assist you in gaining the initial inventory of homes and also train you in finding the tenant/buyers that will occupy those investment homes.  


Our company believes totally in maintain a high level of excellence and we expect the same with our associates.  We believe strongly in giving the clients better service than an average company or person would give.  Laziness is not tolerated and a lack of professionalism may cause us to remove your site from our web site.  If this sounds a bit harsh, then we may not be the best fit for you.


Franchisee Requirements


To set up a franchise is only $20,000.  This will maintain a professional web site for your city.  We will update the site on a daily basis as inventory comes and goes over the course of time.  


To simply review your city which includes a visit to your town for a minimum of a full day to ensure we can see eye to eye is only $2,000.  This will be rolled into the permanent office cost if we go to a complete franchise.  The cost does include any and all travel arrangements that we will be making to come out.


Not all cities will qualify.